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What are the different types of Hospital beds?

Release date : 2020-09-25
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1.Electric sickbed: electric hospital bed has comfortable, safe, applicable basic property, assist the nurse with electric way.


2.Manual sickbed: the product function of manual sickbed is similar to electric sickbed, but the patient can not operate personally, need to accompany the guardian to assist to use.


3, household nursing bed: the home nurse bed can make the nurse more convenient go to nurse and take care of the patient, for our patient needs long-term bed, because of long time can not move!So it's a pain for them!It can adjust some angles at will.This will give the patient a good level of comfort!And most of my friends know that the treatment of patients who stay in bed for long periods of time is more difficult to manage.So the home prepares the nursing bed not only can save time, still can better and raise the level of care!


4.Multi-functional turning care bed: this multi-functional turning care bed is convenient for nursing, it is suitable for the use of severe patients and paralysed patients; it can be turned on the left and right sides to prevent the occurrence of bedsores in severe patients.

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