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What's the electric hospital bed energy supply?

Release date : 2020-09-25
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Generally there are 2 kinds for hospital bed energy supply: external power supply and internal power supply. Considering that hospital bed usually works in hospital ward or home, there are abundant and convenient Mains (220V) support, and hospital bed don’t need to move to other place, AC-DC conversion technology is very mature now.


Battery power supply time is short, and high cost, not conducive to reducing hospital bed’s cost. In response to the above requirements, Shandong Mingtai Medical Equipment Group Co., Ltd choose Mains (220V) as the energy supply, AC power are transformed to DC power through AC-DC conversion, supporting hospital bed’s circuit control system, drive motors and other related components.


Hospitals across the world face a reality in which there are fewer staff to attend to an increasing number of patients. Those currently in need include the elderly, obese, and patients with multiple diagnoses. Both trends call for improved applications able to help improve comfort for patients, ergonomics for staff and efficiency levels for hospitals.


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