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Why choose a manual bed?

Release date : 2020-09-16
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According to the patient's physical condition and living habits, as well as the condition and other reasons, many patients are generally placed in bed for treatment. Most hospital beds are divided into three types: ordinary beds, manual beds and multifunctional electric beds. Although the three types of beds have their own strengths and disadvantages, it is more appropriate to choose the one that suits you after careful consideration. Some of them are still keen on using manual beds. Here's how to choose manual beds.


1. Discount  Price

Generally speaking, those who purchase manual beds are basically hospitals, nursing homes, and various treatment centers. Such customers are basically buying in large quantities. Therefore, manual beds can be sold to hospitals and treatment centers at relatively low prices. In general, customers who have been in bed for a long time at home will also purchase manual beds for better care and care of patients. Compared with all kinds of electric hospital beds, manual hospital beds are much cheaper


2. Simple operation


For patients with special injuries and physical inconvenience and mid- to long-term hospitalization, manual beds are a good choice. Nursing staff can help them perform simple actions such as turning, sitting, and standing. In order to facilitate the use of manual bed manufacturers, the manual bed manufacturer has a rocker that can tilt the bed back and forth to a certain angle and a backrest that can assist the patient's sitting posture. The attendant can easily and simply grasp the use of the manual bed.


Three, multiple functions


Compared with the expensive electric hospital beds, the manual bed lacks only the auxiliary equipment that some critically ill patients need to pay attention to and can detect the physical condition in real time. For the stable physical condition, only ordinary inpatients are needed. The function of the manual bed can be very good. It is good to meet the daily needs of patients, such as the provision of private bed cabinets on the left and right sides and places for placing medicines, and the problem of going to the toilet when the patient is inconvenient to get out of bed.


It is precisely because of the above reasons that manual beds are widely praised by users in major hospitals and other places, and the service and quality of manual beds have also been improved. Patients can also pass various forms for their own treatment convenience and caregiver's simplicity and ease. Ways to make good suggestions to hospitals and manual bed manufacturers for the next improvement and design of the product. The materials used manually are also durable and safe after clinical verification.

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